The annual VSA Coaching Week is on again in late January early February of 2018 (immediately prior to the Horsham Week Competition). The purpose of the week is to provide coaching for any VSA member who wants to improve their cross country soaring competencies. It is suitable for anyone who is ready for cross country flying through to seasoned pilots.

The event is at Horsham, a reliable, flat place to soar with great facilities and easy drive from Melbourne. Each day includes lectures / presentations relevant to cross country soaring, a task to put that knowledge into action and an analysis section to enable you to review your flying with coaches to select areas for focus.

Ideally, you should arrive with your own single seater and be cross country rated. Alternatively, bring a 2 seater and one of our coaches will fly with you. Participants can also spend a day in a Duo Discus with a senior coach to get some minute by minute coaching.

Aim to arrive on the 27th or 28th of January. The program finishes on 2 Feb 2018. You can stay on for the Horsham Week Competition afterwards if you wish. The local club provides facilities for breakfast and there is a lunch order service operating each day. There is a separate facilities and event fee of around $100, with camping available on the airfield. 

As this coaching week fills up fast please get your entries in as soon as possible and certainly before January 20th.

Questions to David Meredith.