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One of the last comps for the 2013/14 season in Australia is Horsham Week in Horsham [...] it always is a fun competition with a serious touch.

Rolf Buelter is the CD and 25 pilots have at this stage announced their arrival.

One of them Morgan Sandercock, who flew in Argentina [Chos Malal] as member of the Perlan Project Team in the DG 1001M in November last year, in the cold over the mountains, is flying now in the heat over more flat land and scrub in a Sparrow Hawk.  Quite a difference! But ALL fun!

 When you fly during a competition in February, a few over 500 km. tasks in gliders as PIK 20, St Cirrus and  St Jantar , you can call the weather GOOD!

That’s what happened in Horsham during their special WEEK on day 2 with a 4 hour AAT in 15 m. class.

"Forecast blue, but trough made it to the east and provided the moisture, so we had cu’s to 15k with 10kts averages. great day." was the comment from Craig Vinall flying an 18 m.ASG 29 in open class during these comps; 601 km. in just a few seconds under 4 hours , so a SPEED of 150 km./h.!!!

The 3.30 AAT for the clubbies was won on day 2 by a TWIN ASTIR flying with a speed of 110.5 km.h over 386.8 km.
Runner up was another 2 seater the JANUS 18.2 m.flying 421.6 km. and the  Sparrow Hawk from Morgan was on spot 3!
By the way Morgan won day 1; a 3 hour AAT.

But after 2 days with great weather and soaring ,they stopped for 2 days and continued today [the comps go till February 8] with 280 km. for 15 m and not all are scored but it looks like a difficult day.Some called it hot and low!

They had 2 magic competition days , then 2 days off and on Wednesday a difficult day for some.

Only for standard class it was a 1000 points day, with still  3 from 9 going "aux vaches". The other 3 classes had less points.
Last Thursday , day 4, was a good one again with a 4 hour AAT for 3 classes and 3.30 for club. In this class the Sparrow Hawk from Morgan won the day, with 336 km. in time 3.54.

1000 Points as well in 3 classes except for open where Tony Tabart won the day with 893 points.

The very last day, day 6 was a topper again!!! 15 m. had 565.8 km. and the winner was Gary in the Discus b with a speed of 131 km./h. Gary won this class with more than 400 points ahead on the runner up.

Club class  had a 404 km. task and the 2 seater Janus 18.2 m. was the best with a speed of 131 km./h.
By winning the last day they just were the best in the overall scores but VERY marginal as Morgan and his Sparrow Hawk only lost with TWO points!!!!!

In open class they had to fly 510 km.and Graig , from Waikerie, did so in his ASG 29 with a fantastic speed of 166.3 km./h!!!! He was the overall winner, before Tony Tabart in the Ventus 2CM, [154.2 km./h.] , who still is a top -competition- pilot at age ” over 70? !