Day 4 started with cool temperatures, a clear sky and light southerly winds.

At briefing, the sky was already showing low cumulus development with strengthening southerly winds. Standard / 15m / Open class was set a 295.7 km FAI triangle task: Horsham – Netherby – Birchip – Horsham in expectation of a blue day with initially slow climbs under a stable inversion at 5700 ft.

Performance Class was set an AAT task which allowed maximum pilot discretion: Horsham – Jeparit (40 km radius) – Birchip (30 km radius) - Horsham (149.2 km min and 249.4 km max.).

Local cumulus began dissipating about 1230, and launching commenced at 1300 with 15 kt southerly winds and 4 kt climbs to 4700’.

36 aircraft were launched in 58 minutes into an increasingly blue sky, again with anticipated improving conditions to the north.

Pilots reported climbs from 5 – 6 knots to 5000’ during the early afternoon and less reliable lift to 6000’ later in the day.

The best speeds were reported by pilots who worked the strongest lift between 4000 and 6000’ later in the day, taking advantage of the decreasing southerly wind strengths.

The final leg home, into wind, proved to be difficult. Four aircraft outlanded.