Conditions on Day 3 looked worse than the previous day, with solid overcast encroaching from the west during the night.

A weak cold front had entered the area overnight, and we were subjected to a cold 15 - 20 kt south-westerly airstream.

At briefing, the prospect of a good soaring day looked remote and two shorter AAT tasks were set. Standard / 15m / Open class task was set Horsham – Lacelles (40km radius) - Litchfield (30km radius) – Horsham (172.6 km min and 394.6 km max). Performance Class was again set a somewhat more modest task: Horsham – Beulah (25 km radius) – Litchfield (20 km radius) - Horsham (142.5km min and 292 km max.)

The heavy solid overcast began dissipating about 1300, and launching commenced at 1345 with wind strengths of 15 - 20 kts and reported weak climbs to 4000’. 36 aircraft were launched in 58 minutes into an overcast unevenly breaking sky, again with improved conditions visible to the north.

Pilots reported climbs from 5 – 7 knots and generally reliable lift to 6500’ later in the day with good streets.

The best speeds were reported by pilots who worked the strongest lift between 4000 and 6000’, taking advantage of available streeting. The final leg home, into wind, proved less challenging due to the decreasing SW wind strength late in the day.