Tuesday feb 8th, Day 2, take 2

A fairly tough day in the office but we did get the fleet away.  Keith Willis once again provided height and strength and he was able to obtain a height of over 3,000 ft AGL with modest thermals and the day began, this time with Standrad class first. The task was the first AAT for the comp and was the same for all classes.  Turnpoints were Goroke and Antwerp both with a 25 km radius.  There were 5 out landings, one was an aero retrieve, one an engine restart and three by trailer. 

Monday Feb 7th, Day 2, take 1

Gridding was reversed with Performance class starting first and Open/18m starting last.  Another AST task was set with Std and Open/18m classes on a 191 km task to Nhill, Netherby and Jung.  Performance and 15m classes have been set 159km to Nhill, Antwerp and Jung. 

With the temperature at 21 we launched the sniffer, Keith Willis, in his PW5.  He got to 3,000ft AGL with modest and variable lift.  At 1pm we launched the first class, Performance class, some 6 gliders and held the rest of the launch.  This class struggled to get to 3,000 let alone to stay there and the day was then cancelled. 

Sunday Feb 6th, Day 1 take 2

Turned out to be a brilliant day and was under tasked.  Open/18m and 15m classes were given an AST to Kaniva, Diapur and Murtoa, a total of 231 km.  Std and Perfomace class AST was to Goroke, Dimboola and Jung, 171 km. 

The launch of 23 gliders including 2 self launchers took 35 min with 4 tugs.  All gilders returned safely, some deciding to staff up for some more fun after finishing.

Tracy Tabart arrived after the comp started and went on task. 

Keith Willis was third in the OLC contest on Sunday, well done to Keith.