February 10th, Thursday Day 3, take 2

Finally we got day 3 on the way at 13:00 hrs with only one re light.  Keith Willis, our daily sniffer in ZAW, quickly got to 4,000 ft and the launch was started.  Again the task was an AAT but this time to the North with the first turn point Jeparit, then Brim and Murtoa on the way home.  The scratch distance was 190km with the first two classes Performance and 15m having a 2.5 hr task and the last two, Open and Std, having a 2 hr task.  The day heated up above David Wilson's predicated temperature curve  but the rate of increase slowed just at launch time  but gained strenght towards the end of the launch.  The launch took a fairly lengthy 57 min for 24 gliders.  The inital tows were quite long.  Jack Hart in his DG 400 had engine issues but was able to do a late start at 15:15hrs.

There were 4 outlandings and Jack Hart did not compete due to his late start.