Saturday 12th, Day 4 Take 2

The height for the day was estimated to be 4,000ft and fairly soon after launch cloud base was 3,800ft AGL so our weather man, David Wilson, was right on the knocker!  We needed 20C to launch and we reached almost 20C at launch time.  It took only 37 min to launch the fleet which was down to 25 gliders including 3 self launchers, not a bad effort for 4 tugs.  The task today is AAT again with the first turn point Minyip, then Goroke for a min of 2.5 hrs for all classes.  The radius around both turnpoints is a heafty 30km. 

It was a tough day in the office again as we had 10 outlandings which included one tech outlanding.  The knives in the back of the CD and task setters are slowly being removed. The main thing is of course, all have laneded back safely or have outlanded safely.

However during the comp we had only one relight and that was on day 3 and during the whole we week we flew every second day which is not too bad considering the weather we had.