The Horsham Competition Week 2024 team has been confirmed, and planning is well advanced for another successful competition starting with the first briefing 10 am on Saturday 3rd February 2024.

The competition will be preceded by the Horsham Coaching Week starting Saturday 27th January.

Contrary to last year, when we were worried about flooding and rain, it looks like we will have a dry, hot and high competition.

Avgas fuel costs are similar to last year and are unlikely to decline anytime soon. We will hold both entry fees and tow charges to the same cost as last year if at all possible.

As always there is camping available on the airfield, as well as numerous accommodation options in Horsham.

Early booking for accommodation is recommended. Entries are now open for both the Competition and the Coaching Week and we look forward to another successful Horsham Week competition in 2024 !!